What is the Ars Iuris Vienna?

The Ars Iuris Vienna aims at training, supporting and offering new opportunities to young legal scholars who have already shown a serious commitment to legal research and whose work is of such excellent quality that its results are worthy of international academic attention. Fellows will be supported in their independent research by additional training, by regular peer review on various levels and by the challenge to produce texts for and edit a high level law journal, the University of Vienna Law Review, which addresses an international scholarly public. The fact that the Ars Iuris Vienna will bring together doctoral candidates and professors from all different legal and related disciplines is an essential quality of the doctoral school: it calls for a transdisciplinary perspective in which the members of the group are not confined to traditionally established narrow borders of specific legal disciplines.

Please note that this is not the "regular" doctoral program. The Ars Iuris Vienna offers an additional, voluntary program for excellent doctoral students. You can find further information on the doctoral program here.

This additional offer is very comprehensive: it ranges from seminars, workshops and presentations from guest lecturers to financial support through our research fellowships. Fellows also have the possibility to publish their research in the University of Vienna Law Review and the Laboratorium Iuris. You can find further information on the acitivities of the Ars Iuris Vienna here.

Target Group

The student group adressed by the Ars Iuris Vienna comprises both excellent students from the "regular" doctoral program in law (Dr. iuris) and doctoral branch of Interdiscplinary Legal Studies (PhD). Moreover, postdoctoral researchers at the law faculty are welcome to join.

Please note, that doctoral students do not automatically become Fellows of the Ars Iuris Vienna with the admission to the doctoral studies. A seperate application for the Ars Iuris Vienna is necessary. You can find our application form here.

Five reasons to apply:

  • Networking with doctoral candidates from various legal fields
  • Additional training
  • Feedback from legal scholars and experts
  • Publication of research in the Laboratorium Iuris and the University of Vienna Law Review
  • Become familiar with giving feedback and discussing at an academic level

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