Code of Good Practice

The Code of Good Practice (page 3) applies to all fellows of the ARS Iuris Vienna. You can find the Code of Good Practice here.

Ars Iuris Vienna Commitment

With their application Fellows agree to fully commit themselves to the Ars Iuris Vienna program by participating in the following activities:

  • Participation in the couse Ars Iuris Methodenlehre (für Doktorand*innen, die die Methodenlehre noch nicht absolviert haben)
  • Participation in at least one Jour Fixe per year
  • Participation in at least one Socratics Seminar per year
  • Preparation of one scientific paper for a Socratics Seminar (during their doctoral studies)
  • Participation in on "Transferable Skills Workshop" per year
  • Subsription to the University of Vienna Law Review

Alternatively, the following vopluntary activities can also be performed:
(Those activities can be done instead of one of the above mentioned mandatory activities.)

  • Member of the VLR Editorial Board
  • Submission of a scientific paper for the VLR
  • Participation in the "Lesekreis"
  • Participation in the Laboratorium Iuris
  • Co-Orgnaisation of Jours fixes
  • PR-activities for Ars Iuris Vienna

Fellows are invited to activitely participate in the Ars Iuris VIenna on a voluntary basis in addition to their mandatory participation.

Fellows that ignore their duty to actively participate will be excluded from Ars Iuris Vienna.