What is the University of Vienna Law Review?

The University of Vienna Law Review (VLR) is an open access journal edited by the members of the Advanced Research School in Law and Jurisprudence (Ars Iuris Vienna) and published by the University of Vienna Law Faculty. It provides a forum for outstanding legal scholars (including those at the beginning of their careers) to present research to an international academic audience and to engage in scholarly discussion on a broad range of legal topics. All articles are subjected to a rigorous double-blind peer review and editorial process to ensure the highest standards in academic vigour, substance and structure.

This journal makes an important contribution to various fields of legal scholarship including interdisciplinary and international comparative perspectives.

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Each issue of the University of Vienna Law Review can also be accessed online at the MANZ' RDB Legal Database.

Special Issue 2020

Slovenian-Austrian Law Conference

This issue of the Vienna Law Review contains publications based on lectures given at the first Slovenian–Austrian Law Conference, which took place in Vienna at the Juridicum on 19 and 20 September 2019.