Ars Iuris Legal Potentials Conference

Photos by Hannah Romano

2nd Ars Iuris Legal Potentials Conference

Law and Politics in a Polarized World

In 2024, more than half of the world's population will live in countries where nationwide elections are held. Lines of social conflict are revealed with particular clarity as a result. The public narrative paints a picture of an irreconcilable and divided society in which communication between the increasingly fragmented sub-publics comes to a standstill and some groups abandon the common democratic system altogether. Against this backdrop, the question of the relationship between law and politics in a conflict-ridden world arises: To what extent does the legal system depend on social consensus? Is the law itself a driving factor of social polarization? Can the law mediate and counteract polarizing tendencies? Join us as we explore these critical questions at the 2nd Ars Iuris Legal Potentials Conference.

September 30th, 2024 | Federal Ministry of Justice | Vienna, Austria

Conference Program


09:00   Welcome 

    Dr. Alma Zadić, LL.M. (Federal Minister of Justice - Republic of Austria)


    Between Conflict and Cooperation: Regulating the Relationship Between Law and Politics
    Barbara Zeller

How to Measure Polarization: A Systematic Review of the Literature
    Sara Sampayo Sande

10:30   Coffee Break

11:00   Presentation

             Making Europe Fit for the Digital Age?':
             The EU's Approach to Regulating Online Disinformation from a Human Rights Perspective
             Miriam Soldan

             Toxic Unilateralism:
             How the EU's Unilateral Trade Measures Drive Polarization in Global Trade Relations
             Sophie Bohnert

12:00   Lunch Break

13:00   Presentations

Sovereignty Discourse Instrumentalization: Cases of Russia and China
             Ksenia Radchenkova

             Challenging the Global Herrenhaus:
             The Unending Quest to Democratize International Relations Within, and Beyond, the United Nations
             Daniel Ricardo Quiroga Villamarin

14:00   Coffee Break

14:30   Presentations

     Blasphemy Law: A Threat to Plarizing Indonesian Society
     Amira Paripurna

              Why and How Law Must Be Woke 
              Lisa Chi & Christian Demmelbauer

15:30   Get-Together