English meet and greet

08.04.2024 16:00

The Ars Iuris student representatives organized an event as a chance to meet other English speakers in Ars Iuris as well as an opportunity for us to share more about what Ars Iuris offers its fellows.

The recent meet and greet event for fellows of Ars Iuris illuminated the essence of collaboration. Held with an aim to foster connections, share experiences, and kindle new friendships, the gathering provided a platform for legal enthusiasts to engage and exchange ideas about the Ars Iuris and the non-German speaking fellows.

Crucially, the meet and greet also served as a bridge between fellows, student representatives, and the broader Ars Iuris community. Through meaningful interactions, attendees had the chance to forge connections and feel more involved in the processes within the doctoral school.

The Ars Iuris Team

Seminar room - Schenkenstraße