Vergangene Veranstaltungen

Jour fixe #1 - Getting Discovered in Academia


On October 5, the first Jour Fixe of the new academic year took place. The Ars Iuris Vienna welcomed Professor Diego Acosta from the University of Bristol. The topic of the evening was the exchange of ideas on how to be successful in academia in the 21st century.

Professor Acosta advised the Ars Iuris Fellows on how to "not become a researcher whose work is not read by anyone and who falls into the trap of procrastination". During the talk, he presented the most common traps in academia - and how to face them. Professor Acosta provided unconventional tips and anecdotes from his own career in academia. The presentation was followed by a vivid discussion.

By attending the Jour Fixe, the Fellows have already taken Professor Acostas' advice and used the opportunity to meet in person to network and share ideas.