PhD Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Alumnae and Alumni

  • Dr.in Katharina Auernig
  • Dr. Luca Baldovini
  • Dr.in Hafize Celik
  • Dr.in Katharina Dangl
  • Dr.in Rosa Duarte-Herrera
  • Dr.in Irina Durovic
  • Dr.in Nadine Elsner
  • Dr.in Anna Groschedl
  • Dr. Sebastian Grund
  • Dr.in Katharina Rathmayr-Haslinger
  • Dr.in Clara Ifsits
  • Dr.in Lisa Kircher, LL.M. (WU), LL.M. (KCL), BA
  • Dr.in Cornelia Lanser
  • Dr.in Maria Lee-Nowotny
  • Dr.in Teresa Maier
  • Dr.in Miriam Mitschka
  • Dr. Robert Müller LL.M.
  • Dr. Markus Reisner, PhD
  • Dr. Sebastian Reiter
  • Dr.in MMag.a Karoline Resch, PhD
  • Dr. Thomas Rainer Schmitt
  • Dr.in Hannah Scholz-Berger
  • Dr.in Andrea Wittmann

Former Fellows of the Vienna Doctoral Academy "Communicating the Law" can also be considered as Fellows of Ars Iuris Vienna.

The Representation of the Fellows can be found here.